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Welcome to Perbacco Cucina Italiana: Authentic Italian Experience

Cucina Italiana Italian Cuisine 

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About Us

Perbacco Cucina Italiana, a culinary masterpiece, was made possible by the combined passions, expertise, and determination of two friends: Massimo, and Antonio. With a shared love for Italian food and motorsports, their journey to create Perbacco began in San Diego, California.


Massimo, hailing from the beautiful Venezia area in Northern Italy, and Antonio, representing the vibrant Amalfi Coast, had been long-time friends.


The duo had dedicated most of their lives to the hospitality industry, working in restaurants, hotels, and cruise liners around the globe. With nearly a century of combined experience, their expertise in the field was unparalleled.


Supporting their ambitious endeavor were Kim and Eleonora, the wives of Massimo and Antonio, respectively. Kim, previously an event coordinator for a renowned San Diego restaurant group, brought invaluable knowledge to the team. Eleonora, a seasoned professional pastry chef with two decades of experience, added her exceptional culinary skills to the mix.


Massimo, having frequently visited Durango had fallen in love with the scenic landscapes and rugged mountains of La Plata. It was during one of these visits that he shared with Antonio his vision of opening an Italian restaurant in Durango. Although leaving California after more than three decades was a daunting task, it was also an exciting and promising opportunity. Taking advantage of the 4th of July week, both families embarked on a road trip to reach the Four Corners, with Durango as their final destination. After six months of meticulous research and countless phone calls, luck favored them, and they were able to acquire what they considered the most beautiful restaurant space in Durango—the legendary "Palace." This historic building, constructed in the 1800s with bricks and oak, stood as a testament to time's enduring beauty—a true landmark.

The stars aligned perfectly, and the stage was set for their dream to become a reality. And so, Perbacco came into being—a culinary gem born from the right people being in the right place at the right time. The rest, as they say, is history.

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